Top 3 running routes of Paris by a local!

Discovering Paris running is a fantastic way to enjoy some of the major landmarks and take the pace of the city. It is better though to have a few routes in mind before venturing out as the traffic can be hectic and its nice cobble stone streets that are great to discover on foot can be a runner’s ankle nightmare. These top running routes tend to avoid these hazards and will also take you to some of the nicest parks of Paris. Keep reading

Photo of the day: Monk visiting Angkor, Cambodia

This young Buddhist monk is taking in the view from the top of Baphuon’s Temple on the Terrace of the Elephants where the Khmer king used to watch performances from.

Today, Keep reading

Photo of the day: the glorious ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand

Founded in 1350, Ayutthaya used to be the capital of Siam for more than 400 years. Strategically located at Keep reading

The Mont Saint Michel: A visual tour

The Mont Saint Michel (Saint Michael’s Mount) is a marvel of medieval architecture set in one of the most beautiful bays of the world in Normandy, and part of the top 3 most visited sites in France. Keep reading

The High Coast Trail, Sweden: A visual tour

The High Coast trail (or Höga Kusten leden) is a beautiful 128-kilometre multi-day hiking trail from stuga to stuga, along the eastern coast of Sweden, about 6 hours north of Stockholm by car. The High Coast trail leads  Keep reading

Photo of the day: Discover Skuleskogen, Sweden

Trekking along the Swedish High Coast of the Baltic Sea and through its isolated Skuleskogen National Park, the landscape takes Keep reading

Photo of the day: The High Coast of Sweden

The High Coast trail goes through many different landscapes, dense forests inhabited by moose and beautiful birds, or higher plateaus, offering some fantastic views to brave hikers.

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Photo of the day: Perspective on the Mont Saint Michel, France

The UNESCO World Heritage site “Le Mont Saint Michel” in Normandy, France, is visited by over 3 milion visitors a year.  Keep reading

Canal du Midi unlocked: the hidden treasure of Le Somail (4/5)

Continuing our biking adventure, about 25 kilometres past the Malpas tunnel, Le Somail offers a perfect spot to rest along the Canal du Midi. Keep reading

Canal du midi unlocked: the Malpas tunnel (3/5)

Exploring the Canal du Midi and leaving Sète and the locks of Fonsérannes behind, we bike about eight kilometres further into the direction of the Atlantic, along the narrow and bumpy towpath where horses used to drag the heavy loaded vessels before engines made it obsolete. Keep reading