The Morgan Library: a must-see jewel of NYC

The Morgan library is not on every tourist trail in New York City, and is a masterpiece housing a tremendous collection mostly from the Middle-Ages and Renaissance gathered by Pierpont Morgan, a man who shaped the U.S.A.

Being born and raised in Europe, we are quite familiar with the Middle Ages and the Renaissance eras. Italy and its treasures like Florence, the medieval wonders of France, the UK or Prague, etc. are sites we have been lucky to visit. Heading to New York City, our first reflex is not to head to the repositories of the old world, but to discover its urban jungle and Keep reading

In memoriam of 9/11, NYC

Where once the twin towers fiercely dominated the skyline of NYC. Where on 9/11/2001 thousands of people died in the horrific terror attack that has changed the world for good.

Today, surviving spouses, friends and families of the victims who lost their lives 15 years ago Keep reading

Photo gallery: Graffiti in Brooklyn, NYC

Bushwick in Brooklyn has become a landmark of street art. This area of Brooklyn is rapidly changing, and a short walk allows to enjoy the various graffitis. Even better, this tour ends really close to Keep reading

Photo of the day: Rush hour at Grand Central Terminal, NYC

With its astronomical ceiling, the 84-metre long Main Concourse is the very heart of world’s largest train station when it comes to the amount of platforms (44 in total!). Grand Central Terminal in NYC was Keep reading

Chelsea Market, NYC

The trendy Chelsea market with its rather high-end food court has been converted into a mall only fairly recently (1990’s). When walking through it, the remnants of its industrial Keep reading

Photo of the day: Gambling in Chinatown, NYC

Columbus Park in Chinatown is a meeting point for the Chinese community who Keep reading

Photo of the day: Golfing in Manhattan!

A funny sight in the heart of Manhattan is to observe golfers practicing Keep reading

The MoMA: a brief visual tour, NYC

New York City does not lack excellent museums, and it is sometimes hard to choose which ones to explore. The Museum of Modern Art is one of our favourite. Started in 1929, its constant success has been calling for more exhibition space. Since 2006, the new MoMA designed by the Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi, presents an inviting space to explore a panorama of Keep reading

Photo of the day: Reflections, the MoMA, NYC

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City offers an impressive collection of  paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, films, prints, media, and Keep reading

Photo of the day: The Chrysler building, NYC

For 11 months only, the automotive tycoon Walter Chrysler was telling his guests he had the highest toilet in the world!

But the 77 stories of the Keep reading