Sweden: A visual tour

Click on the photos to get the best experience. All of these are available in a high definition upon request. For the story behind a specific photo, look for the corresponding photo of the day. Keep travelling!

Stockholm: A visual tour

Click on the photos to get the best experience. All of these are available in a high definition upon request.

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Interactive map – Sweden

Deserted roads, endless forests, omnipresent wildlife, deep-blue lakes and red cottages, uncoutable islands, welcoming people, delicious seafood, clean cities, design stores, and a vibrant capital, Sweden is a fascinating country Keep reading

The High Coast Trail, Sweden: A visual tour

The High Coast trail (or Höga Kusten leden) is a beautiful 128-kilometre multi-day hiking trail from stuga to stuga, along the eastern coast of Sweden, about 6 hours north of Stockholm by car. The High Coast trail leads  Keep reading

Interactive map – Stockholm

To make it easy for you to explore the Swedish capital, here is our interactive map showing places to eat, sleep and visit, from must-see cultural landmarks to low-key and off the beaten path spots. Keep travelling!

Skansen open air museum, Stockholm

With the industrial revolution well under way in Europe during the second half of the 19th century, traditions were threatened. To preserve these traditions, Keep travelling!

Rare bird encounters

The amount of times that I have been woken up by an orchestra of birds singing passionately is uncountable. Whether it would be in my home country or during one of my travels to America, Africa or a different part of Europe, it remains fascinating to discover new tunes and to recognise familiar ones which remind me of home. I am not a bird-expert. I recognise the call of starlings, robins, blackbirds, great and blue tits, wrens, woodpeckers, finches, owls, cranes, birds of prey and a few Keep reading

Fun facts: Sweden

About two weeks in Sweden, hiking the High Coast trail and taking a road trip North… And a few fun facts Keep reading

Can you solve the Swedish riddle?

Are you familiar with the riddle of the wolf, the goat and the cabbage on one bank of a river? It goes like this: you have one boat and you need to transfer these three safely and each in one piece to the other bank, and obviously if Keep reading

Photo gallery: Glaskogen’s inhabitants

Surprisingly, the Glaskogen Nature Reserve seems to be partially taken down by some forest companies owning most of this park. Keep reading