Crazy cities, active volcanoes, relaxing onsens, challenging mountains, delicious gastronomy, heart-warming hospitality, unspoiled wildlife, rich history, uncountable shrines and temples, varied climates, unique culture… Let us help you plan your trip and inspire you with our articles and photographs from our 6,140-kilometer trip through Japan from Fukuoka, Kyushu to Sapporo, Hokkaido!

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Take a visual tour:

Orange tori gates, the golden pavillion temple with reflections in the water and a waterfall in a green gorge in Japan.

Japan food series:

Japanese food series: kaiseki. Haute cuisine small bites artfully prepared. Japanese food series: ramen noodles. Steamy bowls of freshly prepared ramen ready to eat. Japan food series: tonkatsu. Fried pork cutlets in curry sauce with green vegetables. Japan food series soba noodles displayed with their dippings. Japan food series, yakitori skewers. White text Japen food series about sushi with close-up of sushi. Japan food series. People buying bento lunch boxes. Pin this article of our Japan food series about Tempura for later! Yatai, Japan food series, food cart, ramen noodles in Fukuoka.! Japan food series, okonomiyaki, savory pancake, where to find them in Japan.


Fabulous outdoors of Japan!

Rocky summit of the sacred Ishizuchi san in Shikoku in the clouds. A hiker climbs the chains. Rocky peak of Mount Asahi-dake with blue skies, a person with backpack hiking a ridgeline, snow and colourful tents in the mountain. Mountains with clouds and smoke from volcanic activity in Hokkaido, Japan.  Gorge with emerald water, a waterfall and green trees in Japan. Old vine bridge over a roaring river and green forest around in Japan. Blue pond in Hokkaido with dead trees. Woman riding a bicye on an empty road. Green fields. Wild salmon jumping up against a waterfall during its migration, Japan. Brown bear cub in the grass with white text, Japan. Emptpy street of the old Japense town Tsumago with traditional Japanese houses in the mountains.

Road trips:

A roadtrip through Japan's rempote northern island written on a photo of two bears a fox and a salmon. Green hills with a road going through and a yellow signal with a cow. Several images depicting Japanese pilgrims with white clotes, stone buddhas, a vine bridge and a mountain road with traditional houses in Japan.

Travel tips:

Smiling lady filling out a JRpass form for the train in Japan on a wooden desk in a station. White airplane wing above the clouds in blue skies, text about what to pack for Japan. White text with pictograms about what to do in case of an earthquake.Text about the differences between temples & shrines. The back of a pilgrim, a candle blowing. Many orange Torii Gates with a stone path leading through and a lantarn hanging from the top, Fushimi Inari-taisha Kyoto, Japan.

Amazing Japan:

Food in small Japanese ceramics on a wooden table with a teapot. Japanese floats and people dressed up for their summer festivals. People playing the drums. Japanese man in a kimono walking on wet asphalt along traditional Japanese houses in Kurokawa, Red circle with white text over three photos commemorating atomic bom victims in Japan. Three wooden bridges covered in moss in an oasis of greenery at the temple of Kokedera, Kyoto, Japan. Old Japanese woman with white apron cooking a large bowl of soup in the early morning, Japan. Golden temple with reflections in the water, a Japanese temple with wooden roof, orange shrines and a Japanese garden with a pond and green moss. Ukai cormorant fishing in Japan. Japanese man in a wooden boat with cormorants on both sides. Buddha statue engraved in a rock with scent sticks in front of it and a red text on a white box saying: The Usuki Stone Buddhas, Japan's National TreasureJapanese women in beautiful kimonos parading amongst pink lotus flowers in Usuki, Japan.

Food for thoughts:

Japanese characters on different paper documents. White robot with a violin in its hand in the Toyota Factory, Japan.

Claire Lessiau & Marcella van Alphen (text & photographs)

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