The best of Belize: the ultimate guide!

Explore Belize and its gorgeous coconut islands on the reef, low-key Caribbean vibes, adventurous caving expeditions, and pirates’ hangouts! Keep traveling!

The land of the musketeer

Explore the country of d’Artagnan, the most famous of the musketeers. Swap the horse for a bicycle and enjoy the ride through the bucolic Gascony in the south of France!

From the sky, it looks like a fan made of valleys from north to south, running from the Massif Central to the Pyrénées. Biking the Gascony region in the south of France is quite a challenge: Keep traveling!

The ultimate guide to Cambodia

Famous for the amazing Angkor Wat temple complex, Cambodia has a lot more to offer: unspoiled islands, bounty beaches, lost Khmer temples, delicious underrated food, jaw dropping living art performances, traditional crafts, second to none weaving techniques, colonial cities, booming metropolis, Mekong sunsets, floating villages…

Take a visual tour! Keep traveling!

A night out in Barcelona? Know where to go!

In 2016, about 30 million tourists visited Barcelona, a city of 1.6 million inhabitants. The vibrant capital of Catalonya is victim of its own success: the once atmospheric Las Ramblas have turned into a main tourist drag, La Boqueria market into a trap to be avoided, the narrow medieval streets of El Born have been invaded by a crowd armed with selfie sticks and walking on colourful sneakers, skyrocketing prices of hotel rooms and flat rentals have driven locals out of the city, even the paella has turned yellow (with cheap turmeric thrown on a hardly cooked rice replacing the expensive saffron evenly spread on a slowly caramelized rice)! It matters all the more to know where to go to enjoy oneself and encourage sustainable initiatives. The places featured here are all locally owned and share this love for local traditions from the classic vermuteria to the modern one and the trendy speakeasy bar. All in a different district of town. All with a different vibe. All where you can go eyes closed for a great experience!

  • Do as locals do & enjoy vermouth and tapas at a traditional bodega a stone’s throw away from Casa Batllo: Lo Pinyol

Entering the bodega Lo Pinyol feels like stepping back in time. From an olive oil and ham store starting in 1919, the space has evolved into a family-run bodega since 1940. Today, the old barrels decorating the small space in which a mixed crowd of patrons discusses lively are a reminder of this history, and of the specialty of the house.

Vermouth is a reinforced wine aromatized with herbs (Martini & Rossi and Cinzano are the most famous brands). Here, the traditional vermouth is carefully selected, and then prepared with a few drops of Angostura, a quarter of a slice of orange and a green olive. Sit at the small and cute bar or choose for the reading room, and order a few exquisite tapas to go along your drink and you will feel like you have always belonged here!

These traditional bodegas become rare to find, and just a short distance from La Pedrera, La Casa Batlló or La Sagrada Familia, it is the ideal spot in El Eixample to relax at the end of the day and soak into the local atmosphere.

  • Discover the local favorite mixed in modern cocktails in the up & coming Poble Nou neighbourhood: Balius Bar

The once “new village” of Poble Nou was the beating heart of industrial Barcelona during the 19th century industrial revolution. Abandoned factories have become trendy lofts, modern office spaces or hip bars and coffee shops. Balius bar with its antique floor-tiles and fashionably lit wall of bottles fits perfectly in this up and coming neighbourhood: the traditional vermouth is the star of ingenious cocktails best appreciated with the home-made delicious and original food from sustainable sources.

The cocktail list is not limited to its excellent vermouth-based cocktails, but Balius Bar is one of the only places where vermouth is used in mixed drinks. Actually, the Balius Bar bartenders help develop cocktail recipes in collaboration with the world-renowned vermouth producer: within only a few years, Balius Bar made it to the world class embassy group of a selected 50 in Spain. From the Vermouth Sour or Lolita where the fruitiness and freshness dominate the vermouth to the Italian-inspired coffee bean infused Negroni Ristretto, whether discovering this aperitif or being used to it, you will be charmed! The excellent bartenders are excellent guides in exploring this new palette enjoyed by a cosmopolitan crowd who settled in the area and favours quality in a low-key atmosphere.

The impeccable food presentation and originality complement the drink list: revisited patatas bravas from a purple Andean variety sourced in France, tapas of codfish, cured tuna served over an original gazpacho, and delicious desserts.

The cosmopolitan and up and coming vibes of Poble Nou are extended to the food and drinks: everything fits and it simply makes it the perfect spot for drinks, and dinner, and more drinks…

  • Indulge yourself with a signature cocktail in a world’s top 100 bars in El Born: El Paradiso

“Are you sure it’s here? It looks like a pastrami sandwich shop”, I wonder looking at the counter behind which the waiter looks at me with a grin. A few minutes later, he opens the fridge door for us, and behind a velvet curtain, a new world opens up! Classily decorated and dimly lit, a long marble bar is the main feature of this speakeasy club in the heart of the touristic medieval district of El Born. Smiling and smartly dressed barmen welcome us.

The drink menu is of the most interesting and there is a good reason why El Paradiso has just been ranked among world’s top 100 bars after being open for hardly a year and a half. I have a hard time focusing on it though as watching these artists mix their drinks is a real show.

A cloud of vanilla tobacco has just filled the glass pipe in which my Solera Presidente signature cocktail is being prepared. The barman is adding the final touch: a cloud of cotton candy. Literally dragging a sip of this rum-based drink, the dark chocolate in which the mouth piece has been dipped into mixes perfectly with the elegant and refined aromas.

The award-winning Mediterranean Treasure is definitely one. The barman opens the treasure chest from which rosemary and thyme flavours announce the Mediterranean vibes of this delicate vodka-based creamy drink served in a seashell.

El Paradiso caters to an international public and as the local owners are setting a new trend in Barcelona, curious locals come and check out the mysterious El Paradiso. The secret of its success may very well be the great attention to details, from a very original drink list with unexpected ingredients served each in the perfect container to a polished decor, smart playlist and some of world’s best cocktail bartenders. Everything fits. Even in the hidden bar, hidden into the hidden bar that is behind the fridge door… Will you pierce the mystery and find out?

Marcella & Claire

Travel tips:

  • The places listed above are shown on the interactive map below. Here are the specific addresses:
  • Lo Pinyol: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 7, 08012 Barcelona
  • Balius Bar: Carrer de Pujades, 196, 08005 Barcelona (jazz on Sundays!)
  • El Paradiso: Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona
  • Check out this interactive map for the specific details to help you plan your trip and more articles and photos (zoom out) about the area!


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The ultimate guide to Thailand

From the shiny Royal Palace to the ruins of what used to be the richest city on the planet, from some of the best dive sites to world’s oldest rainforest, from fishermen’s islands to vibrant Bangkok, from rooftop bars to delicious street-food or some of the most subtle gastronomy, from painful Thai boxing trainings to even more painful Thai massages, from meditating with Buddhist monks in peaceful temples to white water rafting, there is a reason why Thailand is regularly casted for Hollywood blockbusters!

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An immersion among one of world’s largest fleet, Toulon, French Riviera

Dust rises up along the quays of the military harbour of Toulon in the south of France as carriages filled with food and jars of wine pass by. The artillery is spread out on the ground and among the iron cannon balls dozens of people are inspecting the heavy canons which are piled up and ready to be loaded onto the fleet of King Louis XV. I am visiting the Musée national de la Marine, or the Naval Museum of Toulon where a mural of Joseph Vernet represents a scene of the Toulon harbour in 1755. Keep traveling!

The ultimate guide to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is world famous for its rich biodiversity and progressive approach to nature conservation. From gorgeous coastlines, jungles, wildlife-packed cloud forests, stunning volcanos to exciting white waters, explore Costa Rica off-the-beaten-path while it is still possible.

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The ultimate guide to Laos

Set back by the C.I.A. secret war, Laos has been recovering and is asking to be discovered by you. A real ethnic patchwork, the country is mostly mountainous and irrigated by many rivers fit for traveling. Meet its welcoming tribes, learn the local handicrafts, taste the underrated local gastronomy, motorbike through its stunning and off-the-beaten path landscapes, float down rivers, and fly above tree tops in one of world’s best ecotourism project!

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Exploring rural Vang Vieng and its caves, Laos

With its karst formations rising off the rice fields, Vang Vieng is set in a beautiful natural setting and has become the number one outdoor destination of Laos with hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing and caving opportunities.

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Panama: A visual tour

Here is a compilation of the photos of the day of Panama and some others of our best shots capturing the essence of Panama to inspire you (to receive our photos of the day and articles, follow us!). All of these photos are available in a high definition upon request. For the story behind a specific photo, browse through our articles or photos of the day. Keep travelling/