Claire Lessiau

experienced traveler, writer & photographer
(aerospace engineer)
cofounder of Best Regards From Far


Born and raised in Paris, maybe it is the world map in her bedroom she used to stare at as a kid that started it all… Since a young age, Claire has always been drawn toward further horizons and different cultures, to the point where merely traveling was not in-depth enough. After graduating with honors for her Master of Sciences in Aerospace Engineering, she lived and worked in the USA for several years. As of today, she has lived in 6 countries on 4 continents, and has visited more than 65 nations in full cultural immersion and photographic voyage. An adrenaline junkie and outdoor fanatic, it is only a serious motorbiking accident that made her realize that life could be very short. She wanted to keep challenging the only two assets she really possessed: body and mind, through her passion for traveling. Convinced that broadening one’s horizons bridges gaps between cultures, Claire is a strong advocate for sharing knowledge. Her analytical mind put to the service of travel writing helps her uncover different angles, and to not go for shortcuts, nor cookie-cutter points of views. Fueled by passion in everything she does, Claire is an eclectic problem-solver as at ease in the outdoors as in urban jungles.

Claire’s travel map

Marcella van Alphen

experienced traveler
writer & photographer
cofounder of Best Regards From Far

Marcella - Best regards from far

Growing up in the bucolic center of the Netherlands, Marcella has always wanted to escape the post-stamp flat country. Traveling extensively (she has visited 50 countries as of today), it is a three-month trip to South Africa at the age of 19 that was a revelation for Marcella. She uncovered her real passion for traveling, making an impact, and wildlife. Five years later, after studying English literature, she is back in South Africa, this time to volunteer in an orphanage. She remains an idealist, but she has seen the ugly side of the volunteering business: today as a travel writer with a critical mind, she is a strong advocate for ethical and sustainable traveling to positively impact local communities and protect the environment. Her love for wildlife and nature shows in her photographs she shares to convey the beauty of the world. Even when it is not for Best Regards From Far or magazines, Marcella is a writer at heart: journals, essays, poems, and lyrics with chords – that she has fun playing on her guitar or keyboards, when she is not drumming or playing her saxophone – and language lover (speaking no less than 5 of them!).

Marcella’s travel map: 50 countries so far

About Best Regards From Far

It is during a sunrise game drive in the South African park of Hluhluwe-Umfolozi in February 2009 that Claire and Marcella met and discovered their common passions and complementary approaches. It is only in April 2015 that Best Regards From Far was founded by both of them. Its initial goal was to inspire readers and take those who cannot travel along. The blog has evolved into a rich travel website with an edge covering 40 countries on 4 continents (and still counting), and a broad range of topics such as culture, outdoors, gastronomy, environment, history, wildlife, adventure… Just because we believe that in terms of traveling, niches do not make sense: it is with an open mind and curiosity that horizons get broadened and trips become life-changing experiences. Are you ready to join our community?

How is Best Regards From Far funded?

Best Regards From Far is a non-profit self-funded travel website because we believe in non-biased articles to recommend the best tourism professionals with strong work ethics.

There are no affiliate links on this site as we want to be fully transparent with our readers, and maintain high standards when selecting the businesses we are recommending to be trustworthy. And simply because we never fall for restaurants with hustlers, we are not going to hustle you!

Why is Best Regards From Far ethical?

On top of being non-biased, we have very strong work ethics.

Mass and badly-managed tourism can turn a paradise into a dump exploiting locals, while sustainable tourism focuses on empowering communities, and protecting the environment and its wildlife for long-term benefits. We simply help ethical businesses get more visibility, and we help our readers so that the money they spend while traveling not only provides them with awesome experiences, but also helps them make a positive impact!

Best Regards From Far travel map


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