Top 15 most instagrammable spots of NYC [& their fun facts]

New York City is very photogenic! Here are a few of our favorite photography spots. Enjoy!

1. The Manhattan Bridge

Running in New York City is a fantastic way to explore its different areas. After leaving Canal Street, Lower Manhattan behind, we cross the East River running the  2-kilometre long Manhattan Bridge (1909). After arriving in DUMBO (Down Underneath the Manhattan Bridge Overpath) in Brooklyn, we cannot help but pause. Not to catch our breath, but to capture this fantastic view on one of New York City’s most prominent landmarks.

2. The Village

We exit the subay station at Bleecker Street and make our way North into “the Village”. The skyscrapers are now replaced by lower brick buildings with their characteristic fire escape staircases tightly mounted on the static facades. Trees taint the streets green and imprints buildings with their shadows in this quiet neighborhood.

Greenwich Village, initially called “Groenwijck” (Dutch for “Green District”), is an important landmark in the U.S.A. Situated in the Lower West Side of Manhattan, the “village” is famous for the forward-thinking attitudes of its people. New movements are born here in this artistic part of town which is also the gay area of New York City and one of the many places in NYC to explore at night.

3. Downtown Manhattan at dusk

The sun sets behind the Downtown Manhattan skyline. Tourists  take selfies from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, capturing the skyscrapers in the background. The air is warm as people cheer with a glass of wine, overlooking the East River. In the skyscrapers lights get switched on, one by one, contrasting with the natural light that is vanishing and tainting the water purple. The city is getting ready for the night.

With a new bill aiming at reducing energy costs and preventing migrating birds from crashing into the buildings as they are attracted by the lights, this sight may loose a bit of glittering but for sure it will remain magical.

4. Rush hour at Grand Central Terminal, NYC

With its astronomical ceiling, the 84-metre long Main Concourse is the very heart of world’s largest train station when it comes to the amount of platforms (44 in total!). Grand Central Terminal in NYC was built in 1871, when long distance train traveling became popular. Back then, one of the most modern buildings is now, after a serious conservation programme, a true must-see attraction.

5. Golfing in Manhattan!

A funny sight in the heart of Manhattan is to observe golfers practicing at Chelsea Piers, a multi-million dollar sports complex on the Hudson River.

6. Sunset over an urban jungle

Waves crash into the pebble shore of the East River as a ferry boat passes by. The sun slowly sets behind the Manhattan skyline. A scene of nature in the urban jungle.

7. The Chrysler building

For 11 months only, the automotive tycoon Walter Chrysler was telling his guests he had the highest toilet in the world!

But the 77 stories of the Chrysler building were not high enough to rival with the 102 of the Empire State building (1931) that was completed within a year after the Chrysler was inaugurated.

Even if it were the tallest building in the world for only 11 months, the splendid Art Deco design of the architect William van Allen makes the Chrysler and its spire one of the all time favourite skyscraper of New York City.

8. Life Underground in Manhattan

If you are going through the L line subway station at 14th street & 8th Avenue, plan on a bit of extra time to play hide and seek with funny cartoon-like metal sculptures!

The permanent public artwork Life Underground, by Tom Otterness alludes to money, sex, class and race and often convey a political message. The artist, whose studio is located in Brooklyn, became so enthusiastic about this series that he produced far more than needed, more than 100 individual pieces.

The small sculptures are hidden on beams, along staircase ramps, on the floor… Will you be able to find them?

9. The Manhattan skyline at sunset

Clouds change patterns while a breeze disturbs the surface of the East River. The sun rays are losing their strength and taint the sky orange. Traffic keeps rushing on the Brooklyn Bridge as New York City is getting ready for the night.

10. Times Square

It is night time when we try to make our way along Broadway which is packed with people who have just watched a broadway show in one of the many theatres clustered in this district of midtown Manhattan. Squeezed among thousands of people, we stroll towards one of the most touristy places in the world that attracts an estimated 100 million visitors each year. Sitting down, we are reading the illuminated LED adds, watching the commercial video’s and taking it in…

About 400,000 jobs supported by the square, USD110 billion  generated annually, an estimated USD370 million to run the 24/7 light show, 160 megawatts to power over 200 lit billboards, … Times Square… Truly overwhelming and easy to recognise when you see pictures of New York City from… space!

11. The Staten Island Ferry

Taking a bit a of distance is probably the best way to take in the magnificent view on the skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan. While kayaking the Hudson allows you to explore its coastline from close-by with phenomenal views, taking the Staten Island Ferry gives a different perspective on the city… and is a bit more resting!

The free Staten Island Ferry runs every half hour (more frequently during rush hours) and takes about 25 minutes to reach the outer borough: if you are fast when arriving on Staten Island, you can hop on the next city-bound ferry to the Whitehall Terminal!

12. The Red Cube of lower Manhattan

Passing by the dark HSBC building, a bright red painted cube of steel balancing on one corner, draws our attention. It is the Red Cube by Isamu Noguchi in the streets of lower Manhattan, that contrasts strongly with the black building behind it and the white pavement on which the cube is positioned. All the lines of the public artwork are diagonals, while the three skyscrapers around consist of only vertical and horizontal lines.  The sculpture has been balancing here since 1968 and captures the gaze of passengers, connecting art and architecture.

13. The High Line

The High Line is the most hipster and probably one of the most enjoyable parks in Manhattan, New York City.

14. Gambling in Columbus Park in Chinatown

Columbus Park in Chinatown is a meeting point for the Chinese community who gathers around pretty serious mahjong or card games.

15. Graffiti safari in Brooklyn

Bushwick in Brooklyn has become a landmark of street art. This area of Brooklyn is rapidly changing, and a short walk allows to go on an urban safari to chase for the best graffitis.

Marcella & Claire

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