Best 5 places in Strasbourg to recharge

Walking the picturesque streets of the Medieval city of Strasbourg can get you pretty hungry and thirsty! As the city attracts quite a few tourists you probably would like to skip the tourist traps and soak in some local vibes during your well-deserved break. Look no further and try out these local spots for the an authentic experience.

For the best Flammekueche in town

These crispy “tartes flambées” are the local specialty of the region. Even though they resemble a pizza, you would offend the locals by calling it a pizza so go by the name Flammekueche. Head to the Binchtub Broglie (it is a bit smaller and cozier than their other location in town) for lunch and order one of their homemade traditional “Tartes Flambées”. Like it cheesy? Try the one with Munster on it, a local’s favourite. Don’t let the smell put you off, the taste is a bit less aggressive! Make sure to order a locally brewed “Perle” with it, a crafted beer from Strasbourg and you are all set for the most local lunch you could have. You are boosting the local economy while enjoying the best. Bon appétit!

Oh my Goodness!

In need of a shot of caffeine? A place to play a board game or work a bit on your laptop? Check out the homey Oh my Goodness café where you will find a mixed crowd. Choose how you would like your beans to be roasted and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while savouring your favourite drink. For each 10 coffees bought here, 1 is given to the homeless people in town, very heartwarming especially in the cold winter months.

La Cloche à Fromage

La Cloche à Fromage is a must. Even if you are not fond of cheese, as this place is all about the creamy good, it is worth checking out world’s largest bell-shaped glass cover that covers only the best of the best cheese here. You can buy your cheese to take it home or either sit down for a cheesy lunch or dinner. There are 116 types of cheese to choose from so make sure you have some room to taste. Most of their cheese comes from France but the restaurant carries a few excellent Italian, Belgium, Swiss and Greek ones as well. Make sure you book ahead as a table for dinner here is much wanted!

Labattoir Café

The Labattoir Café is conveniently close to the cute Petit France yet just far away enough to be mostly visited by locals. Perfect for some good food in a low-key spot with some beer and infused rums. You will find a young crowd flocking here, discussing over shared Tartes Flambeés and drinks. Their shady and private garden is just perfect for those warm continental summer nights with the music playing till late.

Code Bar

Can’t get enough and not tired yet? Dress up and head out to Code Bar for some sophisticated and original cocktails. The vibes in this speak easy bar are surprisingly international and make you believe you are in London, New York or Paris. Definitely a fun way to end your day in Strasbourg!

Marcella van Alphen (text & photos)

Travel tips:

  • To explore Strasbourg in a fun and interesting way, join the passionate guides of Happy Strasbourg!
  • Check out this interactive map for the specific details to help you plan your trip and more articles and photos (zoom out) about the area (tutorial)!

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