Interactive Map – Oslo

Oslo is a surprising capital! The hospitality of its inhabitants is touching, its architecture mind-blowing, and its open spaces refreshing.

To make it easy for you to explore the Norwegian capital, here is our interactive map, showing places to eat, sleep and visit, from must-see cultural visits to low-key and off the beaten track restaurants. Zoom-in and click on the pins to find out about what to do in Oslo:

  • Orange pins correspond to cultural visits,
  • Blue pins correspond to bars, restaurants, coffee shops…
  • Green pins correspond to outdoor activities.

The shapes of the pins indicate what they hide:

  • Star pins link you to the corresponding Best regards from far articles,
  • Circle pins provide tips and information about the place.

Imagine yourself walking the streets of Oslo like a local, with just your smartphone with this interactive map to guide you. Don’t roam, don’t get lost and add your own favourite spots on the go to easily share it all with your friends back home. Tempting? Check out this short tutorial and you will be all set in no time!

Marcella & Claire

Travel tips:

  • Accommodation: CityBox Oslo is very well located, close to the station and a stone throw from the major attractions, very clean, minimalist, nice design and affordable. Oslo is a very expensive city, and you may appreciate this no frills option to explore the city.


  • Restaurants:
    • Elias mat & sant is a great option to taste Norwegian specialties in a romantic and classy setting with a a nice atmosphere. The menu is seasonal and consists only of fresh food from seafood to game.
    • The restaurant of the Oslo Opera House offers a menu with a local flare, that is not that easy to find in Oslo. Service may change on show nights, but it is a safe bet for lunch time.


  • Transportation: to get to and from the airport, even though there an Airport Express Train (Flytoget) we would recommend you to take the regular NSB train. Both take roughly the same time to and from the city but the Flytoget costs twice as much and runs more often.


  • Running: the green track on the interactive map is a 12-km running loop that is excellent to explore the Norwegian capital!


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