Interactive Map – Reunion Island

207 kilometers of perimeter and only 72 kilometers between its furthest points. In only 2,512km² in the middle of the Indian Ocean, an incredible variety of intense landscapes awaits to be explored on Reunion Island: lunar calderas, rugged mountain peaks, cloud forests, canyons, natural massive amphitheaters (called “cirques“)with their ramparts and peaks so unique and striking that they are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The spice island where initially coffee, and then sugar and vanilla account for a big part of the exports, is more a mountain destination with the lagoon as a bonus to rest after exploring inland. The Reunion Island combines the comfort, security and amenities of travelling through Europe as it is a department of France with the intensity of a unique tropical island.

Check out our articles through the main menu, or go by this interactive map: zoom-in on the area of interest, and check out the black pins. Each of them corresponds to an article while the others provide valuable tips (short tutorial) to help you prepare your trip.

Claire & Marcella

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