GR 20 Etape 1: Calenzana to Ortu di u Piobbu [getting launched on the GR!]

GR 20 Corsica Stage 1 Elevation

Elevation for Stage 1 of the GR 20 (Calenzana to Ortu di u Piobbu): +1360m, -60m over 10.6km

A familiar noise wakes me up: the zipping and unzipping of tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, down jackets or soft shells of other hikers already getting ready to start the GR 20 at 4:30 in the morning. I turn around in our 2-person lightweight Jamet-designed tent, and doze off a bit longer: after all we have all day to make it to Ortu di u Piobbu, only 11 kilometres away from here in Calenzana, but the strenuous first stage will elevate us by about 1,360 metres in the Corsican mountains…

After a solid oatmeal breakfast taken at this first refuge, we put our heavy backpacks on. With the six litres of water we have just loaded on our 15-kilogram packs, we already know that we are way too heavy for this demanding first day. We leave the former goat keeper village of Calenzana below us. The sound of church bells fades away as 8 o’clock is being rung, and we gain altitude along a donkey path lined by a wall of purple, pink and yellow flowers characteristic of the late spring. Crossing several streams the path leads us through a pine forest offering a welcome shade and characteristic scents.

Step by step we make progress. The steady sound of the strengthened aluminium tips of our super lightweight Masters poles beats the rhythm for the almost continuous bird-songs. This beat helps us regulate our breathing and increases our stamina as the climb starts taking its toll. Ascending, the view on the Bay of Calvi only gets better.

GR 20 Corsica Stage 1 - 2

In Bocca u Saltu we take in the panoramic view before the real work starts: the trail is so steep that some rocks are equipped with heavy metal chains to help hikers climb them. Mountain goats must be laughing at us as we clumsily gain altitude in this mineral world. Only a few patches of grass provide a welcoming break from the steep rocks before the last col.

At last after about six hours of walking we eventually see the refuge! The only problem is that it is on the other side of the mountain and it still looks pretty far… Its sight along with some sweet fruit pastes gives us the energy boost we need to complete this first stage. Almost following an elevation line, we soon arrive at Ortu di u Piobbu. The vistas on the layers of mountains ending into the sea are the best reward we could have hoped for especially as they are bathed by the sunset light. Soon, we are pitching our 1.7-kilogram tent at 1,520 meters with a view!

From the terrace of the refuge, we are meeting new friends whom we will most likely see regularly for the next 13 days appreciating every sip of the fresh local Pietra beer. Before getting ready to cook dinner, we are enjoying a game of cards and chatting about tomorrow’s stage. We are slowly taking in the way of the GR 20 while the sun hides behind the mountains and it is time to get some well-deserved rest [click here for Stage 2].

Claire & Marcella

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Part of this article was published in the Beyond Boundaries e-magazine by Xtreme Adventure:

Hiking the GR 20 Part 1 - Beyond Boundaries

5 thoughts on “GR 20 Etape 1: Calenzana to Ortu di u Piobbu [getting launched on the GR!]

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  2. From just reading you, I’m tired as if I had made the journey so exhausting from start to finish. Despite the weight and difficulties of the excursion, they must be appreciating the extraordinary landscapes they pass through. Hopefully they have no setbacks and end their days of the best. Good luck.

    • Thank you! It is indeed exhausting at several occasions but the mind blowing vistas are definitely making up for it. It is wonderful to surrounded by such remoteness and nature that for great parts have remained untouched by humans as it is so hard to get there. Stay tuned for the next stage to enjoy the photos without having to hike it yourself 😉

  3. Je n’imaginais pas que la première étape ressemble à de l’escalade et avec un sac qui me semble très lourd. Quel courage mais aussi quelle récompense d’avoir ces superbes vues. Bravo et surtout merci de partager ces moments avec nous.

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