Funny quiz: Test your knowledge about our creepy crawlers!

Costa Rica was the first country to realize the value of its biodiversity for the planet, and its economy has been converted into a green economy, promoting eco-tourism. As such, the butterfly garden of Monteverde aims at educating the public about the fascinating world of insects before admiring butterflies in four different gardens representing different climates.

Try to take this short quiz and discover some fascinating fact about creepy crawlers!

How often does a queen leaf carrier ant give birth?
Every 20 seconds for 20 years
Every 2 hours for 2 years
Ooops… Try again!
Every 20 minutes for 5 years
Ooops… Try again!
Every 2 days for 10 years
Ooops… Try again!
Why does the glass stained butterfly play dead as soon as it hits a spider web?
To make sure the spider cuts the butterfly out of its web as they don’t like to eat dead insects
To not attract the spider
Ooops… Try again!
To make sure other butterflies don’t make the same mistake
Ooops… Try again!
The butterfly knows its life is over anyway
Ooops… Try again!
Why do caterpillars eat toxic plants?
So that they will get colourful wings once they become butterflies and the birds won’t eat them
So that while eating no birds will come to eat them
Ooops… Try again!
So that they grow faster
Ooops… Try again!
So that they will not be affected by pesticides
Ooops… Try again!

What happens to the iron clad beetle when it gets eaten by a bird?
It will go through the digestion system and after being pooped out happily continues his daily life
Like any other, it will provide the bird with its nutrients and dies in the beak or stomach
Ooops… Try again!
It dies but leaves some eggs in the stomach of the bird so that new beetles will grow in the birds’ poo
Ooops… Try again!
It kills the bird with its sharp jaws
Ooops… Try again!
What happens when you get bitten by a tarantula?
It hurts but not worse than a bee sting
You’ll be safe, as long as you run to the hospital fast
Ooops… Try again!
You get temporarily paralyzed until your body breaks down the venom
Ooops… Try again!
You die horribly within a few hours
Ooops… Try again!
Which animal could survive a nuclear war that would wipe out all other life on earth?
Cockroaches as their cells don’t split like other animals
Frogs, as they lay their eggs in water
Ooops… Try again!
Vultures, as they will migrate and have a lot of carcasses to feed on
Ooops… Try again!
Ants, as they are so many and reproduce fast
Ooops… Try again!
Which animal makes a tarantula shiver from fear?
The tarantula wasp, as they sting, paralyze and lay their eggs in the tarantula, where after the larvae eat the still living tarantula for a few weeks, alien style
Cows, they always destroy their holes with where they aim their dung
Ooops… Try again!
Snakes, as they crawl in their holes to eat them alive
Ooops… Try again!
People, as they often hunt for them to keep them in a terrarium for the rest of their lives
Ooops… Try again!
Why do I look like this?
I look unhealthy so that I don’t look tasty to predators
I have had a bad fight over a female and the dominant male left me in this state
Ooops… Try again!
I am old and just like a regular leaf I start to decay
Ooops… Try again!
I have got a sunburn
Ooops… Try again!

We are curious about your score? How many answers did you have correct? Please leave a comment below and share the article among your friends!

Claire & Marcella

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