Costa Rica: A visual tour

Here is a compilation of the photos of the day of Costa Rica and some others of our best shots capturing the essence of Costa Rica to inspire you (to receive our photos of the day and articles, follow us!). All of these photos are available in a high definition upon request. For the story behind a specific photo, look for the corresponding photo of the day, or browse through our articles. Keep traveling!

Butterflies of Costa Rica

The Monteverde butterfly garden is a fantastic place to admire butterflies and learn more about them and other insects.  Keep traveling!

Funny quiz: Test your knowledge about our creepy crawlers!

Costa Rica was the first country to realize the value of its biodiversity for the planet, and its economy has been converted into a green economy, promoting eco-tourism. As such, the butterfly garden of Monteverde aims at educating the public about the fascinating world of insects before admiring butterflies in four different gardens representing different climates.

Try to take this short quiz and discover some fascinating fact about creepy crawlers! Keep guessing!

The off the beaten path alternative to Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

The small town of Santa Elena has expanded massively since the Monteverde Cloud Forest gained popularity, and Costa Rica became the destination for biodiversity. Hesitating between exploring the very touristy Monteverde Cloud Forest, or the off the beaten path Keep traveling!

Photo of the day: Quepos Beach, a secret gem in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is quite touristy, and beaches are often developed with shops, hotels, bars, restaurants and whatever one needs for some entertainment. Keep travelling

Photo of the day: The secret canyon of the Rio Colorado, Costa Rica

Traveling and visiting sights in Costa Rica comes at a price. Sure, the landscapes and biodiversity are impressive but more often than not, you will find someone collecting an entrance fee, parking fee or whatever kind of fee for you to check out a waterfall, swimming hole or hike. Keep travelling

Photo of the day: a surfers’ paradise in Costa Rica

Hungry for off-the-beaten-path locations in touristy and developed Costa Rica, we discovered the untouched coastline of Uvita. Covered by palm trees, providing welcoming shade and refreshing coconut water to surfers enjoying these ideal breaks, this is surf paradise. Just a few backpackers, Keep travelling

White water rafting the Chiriquí Viejo river, Panama

Chiriquí Viejo river, Panama, 1991

I finish pumping up the raft before boarding it with a small team of daredevils. I check the safety gear one more time. We are about to start the first white water rafting descent of the Chiriquí Viejo River in Panama. No one has ever done so. Keep traveling!