About best regards from far

Best regards from far is the collaboration between two eclectic women, driven to explore and understand the world, often off-the-beaten-path and behind the scenes to inspire you. Non-profit, we aim at broadening one’s horizons to bridge gaps between cultures, and make travellers more aware of their impacts to positively affect local economies, to support community-run projects, to conserve, and to protect the environment. We strongly believe in education to make the world a better place.

  • You want to dream and get inspired? Broaden your horizons and learn?
    • Find unique content, in-depth articles and inspiring photographs
  • You want to plan your next trip? Find off-the-beaten-path hidden gems?
    • Find user-friendly interactive maps, travel tips, free downloadable GPS pins & tracks
  • You want to travel consciously and in a sustainable way, supporting local economies?
    • Find highlights of locally-run projects, homestays and volunteer initiatives

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53 thoughts on “Welcome!

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  2. Hi, Muffy and Rod from Jo’burg were telling me about you and I just read your entry in their airbnb guestbook. So I thought to say hello. My travels through SA are just about to begin today. Take care, chris

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Chris, thanks that’s so cool! Aren’t they the sweetest hosts ever? Awesome to hear that your travels are about to start now, where are you heading to? In the menu, check out South Africa (articles and interactive map) it might give you some ideas for your trip if you have some gaps. Have a great trip in that beautiful country! Kind regards, Claire & Marcella


    • Thank you and welcome indeed and thanks for the follow! We already have quite a bit of content that you can navigate through by using the menus, clicking on the tag/catagory cloud or using the search field. Happy browsing and exploring 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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