Paris: A visual tour

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An urban outdoor adventure: biking from Paris to Versailles

“It’s a red!” I scream while I hit the breaks and see my Parisian girlfriend maneuvering her bicycle while crossing a three lane road in the city centre of Paris. I swear as cars start accelerating while I’m waiting for them to pass. Being born and raised in a small village in the heart of the Netherlands with safe bicycle lanes along every road, biking through the heart of Paris with a Parisian is a truly adrenaline-packed experience!

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The picturesque canal Saint Martin, Paris

Amélie, or in its official French title, Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain) by Jean Pierre Jeunet might ring a bell. This 5-time-Oscar-nominee was released in 2001 and was a massive blockbuster in many countries, for its poetry. Some might even recall Yann Tierssen’s beautiful soundtrack.

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Photo of the day: La Conciergerie, from royal palace to scary jail, Paris

Located on the Ile de la Cité (island of the city), in the very heart of Paris, la Conciergerie Keep reading