Japan food series – Bento, the convenient and tasteful Japanese boxed-meal

The Tokyo station is a crazy maze! Japanese people walk around like ants, workers in Keep reading

Japan food series – Sushi

As we have demonstrated it by now in our Japan food series, it is not all about sushi’s! But a trip to Japan without trying a sushiya would be incomplete! Keep reading

Photo of the day: Fukuoka by night, Japan

Our first neon experience in Japan: Fukuoka, the sixth largest city of the country Keep reading

Japan food series – Kaiseki

A true dining experience (comparable with Michelin-star restaurants), haute cuisine and the crème de la crème of Japanese food, serving, atmosphere and presentation: kaiseki is a must for Keep reading

Pic of the day: Hell’s kitchen, Beppu

Taking advantage of the hot springs offered by the volcanoes, you can indulge yourself in the onsens and rotemburos of Beppu. Another fun way Keep reading

Japan food series – Tempura

Tsunahachi in Shinjuku, Tokyo has been serving one of the finest tempura in the capital for almost a century. We had to try it! Keep reading

Pic of the day: butterfly in Glover Garden, Nagasaki

Black butterfly feeding on an agapanthus in Glover garden, a beautiful garden overlooking the bay of Nagasaki, Kuyshu.

Pic of the day: badger on Mount Aso’s green slopes

While hiking along the slopes of Mount Aso, this curious badger decided to play hide and seek with us.

Pic of the day: the smokes of Beppu, Kyushu

Beppu is the second hot spring district in the world after Yellowstone Keep reading

Pic of day: lucky charms at Aoshima Shrine, Kyushu

Whether singles, young or married couples, they visit the Aoshima shrine and tie lucky charms around a tree to Keep reading