Yucatan: a visual tour

Here are some of our best shots capturing the essence of Yucatan to inspire you. All of these photos are available in a high definition upon request. You like it? Follow us! Keep traveling!

The best of Yucatan: the ultimate guide!

The Yucatan peninsula in Mexico offers stunning cenotes (fresh water sinkholes), vibrant cities, colonial towns, and rich Maya ruins in the jungle or along the coast, not to forget the delicious Mexican food, probably the best one in Central America. Keep traveling!

The off-the-beaten path spectacular Maya ruins of Uxmal, Mexico

Leaving the flat plains, the mid-day Mérida to Campeche bus takes a winding road as it reaches the Puuc (“hill”) region of Yucatán. As it struggles to go up, we are enjoying a view on the never-ending forests. Looking more towards the hills, a high stone structure appears Keep traveling!

The façades of Mérida, Mexico

Mérida is the capital of Yucatan. It is a lively city with its busy markets, local restaurants and comedores, loud Latin music in every store, painted façades, screaming birds on the main square where locals meet at sunset to chat on a bench.

If Mérida is famous for its colorful painted façades, Keep traveling!

The mysterious wonders of Chichén Itza, Mexico

The early morning sunlight warms up my skin. Birds are singing as loud as they can while hiding themselves in the exotic tree tops. The earth smells humid from the night before as we walk towards a big clearing. It strikes me: Keep traveling!

Discovering the Maya underwater world in Mexico

The beam of my torch lights up stalactites and stalagmites. The water is so clear that it is hard to believe. A few grey fishes evolve in the darkness. Only my breathing breaks this underwater silence while Keep traveling!