Photo of the day: the tree of love, Panama

This tree of love held his host so tight that it eventually strangled it, explaining its more common name of strangler fig. It is not really a tree, but vines that grow around them. Keep traveling

A 5-day jungle expedition to discover the ancient Maya capital of El Mirador, Guatemala


After a rough four-and-a-half-hour bumpy bus ride, we eventually arrive in Carmelita. We are at the end of the road! And this is just the beginning of Keep travelling!

How to preserve the rainforest of Central America: by chewing gum, the organic ones!

It has been four hours and a half, and my butt has been hurting for more than two hours, as I jump off my rather uncomfortable seat regularly, breathing the diesel fumes! Starting at 5AM, the bus headed out in the night Keep travelling!

Photo of the day: sunset rain in the subtropical humid forest of Guatemala

During our 5-day jungle trek, we have enjoyed a few magnificent sunsets from the top of temples hidden in the dense jungle. Nature surprised us here with a stunning rain shower in front of the setting sun. Keep travelling

Photo of the day: the loudest land animal in the world!

I wake up in the middle of the night, a loud growl breaks the orchestra of crickets that has become a familiar sound. The roar, followed by a scary howl now turns into something that sounds like a huge dog barking. Eyes wide open I wonder if I ended up in Jurassic Parc… Keep travelling