Photo of the day: chilling in the misty waters of Fuentes Georginas, Guatemala

Hidden in the misty mountains, a thrilling 45-minute ride from booming Quetzaltenango among fertile slopes, Guatemalans soak themselves in the warm sulphur waters of Fuentes Georginas, a natural hot spring. People chat, laugh, Keep travelling

Photo of the day: Hell’s kitchen, Beppu

Taking advantage of the hot springs offered by the volcanoes, you can indulge yourself in the onsens and rotemburos of Beppu. Another fun way Keep traveling!

Photo of the day: the smokes of Beppu, Kyushu

Beppu is the second hot spring district in the world after Yellowstone Keep traveling!

Pampered in Hokkaido: ryokan & Japanese hospitality

Black bird singing in the dead of night… I hear the lyrics in my head merging with the sounds of the guitar I am strumming in the warm and homey lounge of the Nutapukaushipe lodge. I am surrounded by wood carved furniture and musical instruments. After travelling through Japan for five weeks and not playing a single chord, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of grabbing one of them, kindly invited by the owner of the place. Keep traveling!

Photo of the day: an unexpected guest!

Taking a bath in the rotemburo (hot spring), we were visited by this big guy that seemed to enjoy the warm volcanic stones! Keep traveling!

Onsen hopping in Kurokawa, Kyushu, Japan

Day 8 in Japan. After flying, driving, walking and running for quite a few kilometres, we decided to indulge ourselves with a full day of relaxing: today is onsen-hopping day! Keep traveling!