Photo of the day: festivals of Japan

It starts to get dark when hundreds of people gather at the Yasaka-jinja, the guardian shrine of the famous Gion neighbourhood in Kyoto. Keep traveling

Capturing the super moon lunar eclipse: a bloody challenge!

4:06a.m. Incoming text message: “Hey! I don’t know if you are looking at the moon with your camera, but it’s amazing!”

4:07a.m. “Yes, I have been freezing my ass off for 1hr already!!”

The alarm clock was set at 3a.m. to bike South of Paris, France towards Parc Montsouris to get a clear view on this rare phenomenon: the supermoon lunar eclipse. Keep reading

Photo of the day: drumming at a summer festival, Shikoku

Festivals are very popular in Japan. There are many taking place during the summer months, and it is frequent to stumble upon these festivities while driving through the islands. Keep traveling!

Photo of the day: The kimono procession at the Shikokuchuo festival, Japan

Festivals are very popular in Japan, and there are many taking place during the summer months. Keep traveling!

Swimming the murky canals of Amsterdam for the Amsterdam City Swim!

Swimming in the smelly and murky canals of Amsterdam does not sound appealing at all. Weirdly enough each year more than 2000 swimmers eagerly Keep reading

Spectacular festivals of Japan: The Hakata Gion Yamakasa, Fukuoka

Festivals are very important in Japan, keeping ancient traditions alive and passing them on to younger generations. They occur all through the year, and more specifically in the summer. Some are extremely popular making it hard to travel and stay in the hosting cities during these days. As such, the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival is said to be one of the most impressive ones of Japan. Keep traveling!

Le grand départ of the Tour de France, Utrecht, 2015

Mid-July, Southern France, late 80’s-early 90’s. Bright blue sky. Burning heat. The shades would remain closed during the day to keep a bit of cold air inside. In the dark, the TV was blasting in the living room where my great grand father would religiously follow the Tour de France, every year. It was his way of traveling, watching all the Keep reading