Dutch cheese, the secrets revealed

Think: the Netherlands. What are the first few images popping up into your mind? Wooden clogs, tulips, windmills? Maybe gay-weddings, bicycles, the Amsterdam canals, or brown coffee shops? What about the yellow gold? No, not Heineken, I’m talking: cheese! Keep reading

Witness the biggest flower auction in the world!

An ant-hill… A beehive… No, it’s more like a ballet; a ballet, with its well-rehearsed choreography, every participant sticking precisely to its path in a continuous and fast motion, with an unbelievable precision. Except that I’m witnessing how electrical trolleys are evolving, delivering some of the 20 million flowers traded everyday here, in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, at the biggest flower auction in the world. Keep reading

Swimming the murky canals of Amsterdam for the Amsterdam City Swim!

Swimming in the smelly and murky canals of Amsterdam does not sound appealing at all. Weirdly enough each year more than 2000 swimmers eagerly Keep reading