El Salvador: A visual tour

Get inspired by taking this visual tour of El Salvador. All of these photos are available in a high definition upon request. For more browse through our articles. Keep traveling

Sweden: A visual tour

As part of our Wednesday’s visual tours throughout this summer, we are reblogging our visual tour of Sweden. Enjoy & follow more tours!
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Here is a compilation of the photos of the day of Sweden to inspire you (to receive our photos of the day and articles, follow us!). Click on the photos to enlarge them. All of these are available in a high definition upon request. For the story behind a specific photo, look for the corresponding photo of the day.


Travel tips:

  • Click here to take a visual tour of Stockholm!
  • Check out thisinteractive map for the specific details to help you plan your trip and more articles and photos (zoom out) about the area!


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Photo of the day: Manora waterfall, Phang Nga, Thailand

Click here to Our photo of the day features the peaceful Manora waterfall and swimming holes which are located a stone’s throw away from the scenic Phang Nga Bay. From here, Keep travelling

Photo of the day: cable web, Bangkok, Thailand

An eye sore for most locals, the characteristic maze of communication wires are said to be put underground by a massive project that is to improve the image of the city by 2020. Keep travelling

Photo of the day: Chinatown market, Bangkok, Thailand

Booming Bangkok awakes with fruit and vegetable markets around Chinatown, a racetrack for moto-taxis and tuk-tuks alike. Keep reading

Photo of the day: French touch in Vientiane, Laos

As a former colony of France, it is not uncommon to see French colonial architecture in Laos and more specifically in its capital Vientiane. Keep reading

Photo of the day: sunrise Vang Vieng, Laos

With its dramatic karst formations, the crystal clear Nam Song River and dozens of caves, Vang Vieng offers many possibilities of exploration, making it one of Laos’ most popular outdoor destinations. Keep reading

Photo of the day: a view on Nong Khiaw, Laos

Eight more minutes, the sign indicates. “If I am fast it might be only 5”, I tell myself when I eagerly hike up the last few steep metres before reaching the viewpoint overlooking the rural town of Nong Khiaw in Northern Laos. Reaching the top after a one-hour hike, the 360-degree view on Nong Khiaw does not fail to impress: the terraces of light green rice paddies contrast with Keep reading

Photo of the day: Poetic Wat Phu Champasak, Laos

Connected to the ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia, the Wat Phu Champasak temple complex is one of the most impressive Khmer temples in Laos. Originally dedicated to Shiva, detailed carvings of Indra and Vishnu can be seen on these ruins. The Hindu temple was  Keep reading

Photo of the day: Cheow Lan Lake, Thailand

Waking up to the magical song of gibbons, before setting out on a morning safari in a longtail boat on the surreal landscapes of the Cheow Lan Lake in the Khao Sok National Park is an unforgetable experience. Keep reading

Photo of the day: Mekong sunset in Luang Prabang, Laos

FoThe 4300-kilometre long Mekong river flows from the Tibetan plateau all the way to it’s delta in Southern Vietnam crossing China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. The majestic Mekong Keep reading!

Photo of the day: Sort of roadtrip in Northern Laos…

The roads in Northern Laos are often unpaved, bumpy and dusty in the dry season, or muddy and slippery in the rainy season. Still, motorbiking is the way to go for most locals. The vehicle of choice is Keep reading!

Photo of the day: Chinatown at night, Bangkok, Thailand

As Bangkok is booming, one of its hangouts is Chinatown with its flashy red and golden neon advertisements and food-stalls lined up on its pavement after sunset. Keep reading

Photo of the day: the glorious ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand

Founded in 1350, Ayutthaya used to be the capital of Siam for more than 400 years. Strategically located at Keep reading

Photo of the day: portrait of an Akha woman, Northern Laos

Laos is a patchwork of ethnic groups. The remote mountains of Northern Laos are home to the Akha tribes who live according to their ancient traditions and customs. Keep reading

Photo of the day: Siam square at night, Bangkok, Thailand

Contrasting with the narrow alleyways of Chinatown, the two-time-three-lane boulevards of Siam Square are as busy with cars, mopeds, buses, taxis and tuk-tuks always passing by. Keep reading

Photo of the day: Thailand’s most photogenic Buddha

On the temple grounds of Wat Pra Mahatat in the centre of Ayutthaya, an unusual scene can be witnessed: a multi-century-old Buddha head Keep reading

Photo of the day: the bathing elephant of Ayutthaya, Thailand

Thailand has an almost 5000 year old tradition and know-how of domesticating the Asian elephant for war and logging purposes. Since the ban on logging in the late 1980’s, about 5000 of these elephants need to be taken care of and need about 200 kg of food each day. Tourism seems to be a sustainable solution: Keep reading

Photo of the day: The traditional “pointu”, French Riviera

Far from the luxurious yatchs that can be spotted all along the French Riviera, the colourful pointus are the traditional fishing boats. The captains of these robust Keep reading

Photo of the day: Mountain biking with a view, Toulon, French Riviera

Toulon is beautifully set in the world’s thrid biggest bay (after Hong Kong and San Francisco) and surrounded by two peaks: the Faron Keep reading

Photo of the day: Lunchtime in Toulon, French Riviera

Off the beaten path, Toulon is a charming harbour city with many typical squares where traditional restaurants prepare delicious and healthy Mediterranean Keep reading

Photo of the day: Rush hour at Grand Central Terminal, NYC

With its astronomical ceiling, the 84-metre long Main Concourse is the very heart of world’s largest train station when it comes to the amount of platforms (44 in total!). Grand Central Terminal in NYC was Keep reading

Photo of the day: The stunning ceiling of the Opéra Garnier, Paris

The Opéra Garnier is one of the two opera houses in Paris. Named after its young architect, it was inaugurated in 1875. Its Second Empire Keep reading

Photo of the day: Reflections, the MoMA, NYC

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City offers an impressive collection of  paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, films, prints, media, and Keep reading

Photo of the day: The Chrysler building, NYC

For 11 months only, the automotive tycoon Walter Chrysler was telling his guests he had the highest toilet in the world!

But the 77 stories of the Keep reading

Photo of the day: Sunset over an urban jungle, New York City

Waves crash into the pebble shore of the East River as a ferry boat passes by. The sun slowly sets behind the Manhattan skyline. A scene of nature in the urban jungle. Keep reading

Photo of the day: The Village, New York City

We exit the subay station at Bleecker Street and make our way North into “the Village”. The skyscrapers are now replaced by lower brick buildings with their characteristic fire escape staircases tightly mounted on the static facades. Trees taint the streets green and Keep reading

Photo of the day: Stranded in 18 miles of books, New York City

A writer explains how he came to the plot of his novel while fans listen quietly. We walk on and gasp at the travel section which is so massive that we cannot allow ourselves to start checking it out. We continue along rows and rows of books and pick up a few Keep reading

Photo of the day: Life Underground in Manhattan

If you are going through the L line subway station at 14th street & 8th Avenue, plan on a bit of extra time to play hide and seek with funny cartoon-like metal sculptures! Keep reading

Photo of the day: South Street Seaport, New York City

Here at the public Pier 15 on the East River Waterfront, a businessman takes a break and enjoys the sun on the top floor of the observation deck. The pier provides great views on Keep reading

Photo of the day: the Manhattan skyline at sunset, New York City

Clouds change patterns while a breeze disturbs the surface of the East River. The sun rays are losing their strength and taint the sky orange. Traffic keeps rushing on the Brooklyn Bridge as New York City is Keep reading

Photo of the day: step into candy paradise in New York City!

A sweet smell enters my nose. Bright colours surround me. “Oh look, our baker used to sell these candies when I was young!”, I scream enthusiastically when I see my favourite childhood candies which I haven’t seen anywhere for the past 20 years. I’m in candy paradise! A three-story store catering basically any candy you can possibly think of: this is the flagship location of Dylan’s Candy Bar in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  Keep reading

Photo of the day: Times Square, New York City

It is night time when we try to make our way along Broadway which is packed with people who have just watched a broadway show in one of the many theatres clustered in this district of midtown Manhattan. Squeezed among thousands of people, we stroll towards one of the most touristy places in the world that attracts an estimated 100 million visitors each year. Sitting down, we are reading the illuminated LED adds, watching the commercial video’s and taking it in… Keep reading

Photo of the day: The Manhattan Bridge

Running in New York City is a fantastic way to explore its different areas. After leaving Canal Street, Lower Manhattan behind, we cross the Keep reading

Photo of the day: the Staten Island Ferry, New York City

Taking a bit a of distance is probably the best way to take in the magnificent view on the skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan. While kayaking the Hudson allows you to explore its coastline from Keep reading

Photo of the day: The Red Cube of lower Manhattan

Passing by the dark HSBC building, a bright red painted cube of steel balancing on one corner, draws our attention. It is the Keep reading

Downtown Manhattan at dusk

The sun sets behind the Downtown Manhattan skyline. Tourists  take selfies from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, capturing the skyscrapers in the background. The air is warm as people cheer a glass of wine, overlooking the East River. Keep reading