Butterflies of Costa Rica

The Monteverde butterfly garden is a fantastic place to admire butterflies and learn more about them and other insects.  Keep reading

Funny quiz: Test your knowledge about our creepy crawlers!

Costa Rica was the first country to realize the value of its biodiversity for the planet, and its economy has been converted into a green economy, promoting eco-tourism. As such, the butterfly garden of Monteverde aims at educating the public about the fascinating world of insects before admiring butterflies in four different gardens representing different climates.

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Photo of the day: leafcutter ants

Leafcutter ants are endemic to South and Central America, and are ever-present in nature there. There is not only one type of leafcutter ants, but Keep reading

Photo of the day: colourful hummingbird taking a break

You can hear them hovering past your ear, maneuvering acrobatically  into all directions and when you spot them they are already on the next flower: the hummingbird is one of a kind.

All over Central America these beautiful birds can be seen, feeding themselves on the nectar of flowers with their characteristic long beak and tongue. Close to the entrance of the Monte Verde cloud forest of Costa Rica, one can observe these colibris more closely in the hummingbird garden.


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Portraiting the white-faced capuchin monkey

Seated with a drink and taking in the scenery on the Barú volcano from the terrace at the Lost and Found Hostel, set in the mountains of Panama, I contemplate the beauty of nature, when I get distracted by something approaching through the treetops…

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Photo of the day: Uvita’s hidden beaches


A surfers’ paradise is what we called our previous photo of the day taken from the very same spot during sunset.  Keep reading

Meet Central America’s ever smiling creatures

Millions of years ago, when the isthmus of Panama was formed, it connected South and North America together. This lead to animal migrations and a fantastic mix of species that adapted to new environments and fought for survival in the new food chain: the giant ground sloth, which could grow up to 6 meters and weigh 3 tons faced deadly saber tooth tigers. Keep reading

Photo of the day: cross Costa Rica’s 2nd longest suspension bridge to reach the heart of the rainforest

Just a stone throw away from Costa Rica’s main tourist attractions, Reserva Biologica la Tirimbina offers a nice canopy tour and hiking trail in the rainforest near La Virgen. Its rich ecosystem offers Keep reading

Photo of the day: The off the beaten path alternative to Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

The small town of Santa Elena has expanded massively since the Monteverde Cloud Forest gained popularity, and Costa Rica became the destination for biodiversity. Hesitating between exploring the very touristy Monteverde Cloud Forest, or the off the beaten path Keep reading

Photo of the day: Young green basilisk lizard, Costa Rica

This young green basilisk lizard is catching its breath on a stone in the middle of the warm waters of the Tabacon hot springs before crossing the river. This might seem highly unlikely given the current of the water but the basilisk lizard, or more commonly known as the Jesus Christ lizard, did not get this nick name without a good reason. Keep reading