Japan food series – Tempura

Tsunahachi in Shinjuku, Tokyo has been serving one of the finest tempura in the capital for almost a century. We had to try it! Keep reading

Capsule hotels, or morgue-drawer accommodation! 

While preparing our six-week trip to Japan, I remember that day I hoped would never occur Keep reading

Tsukiji fish market and tuna auction

2:35 a.m. A soft knock followed by “hello, good morning”. I slowly emerge from my capsule. Keep reading

Pic of the day: Tsukiji fish market

6:15am, Saturday morning. As every morning, ready to serve breakfast to the hard-workers of the Tsukiji fish market, and a few curious spectators back from the early tuna auction.

Pic of the day - Tsukiji

Earthquake in Tokyo!

We are on the 4th floor of a building in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, just a few minutes after arriving in town. Seated at a table, suddenly, the ground under our feet starts shaking. We are hearing screams, the pieces of furniture are moving around Keep reading

Photo of the day: Tokyo by night

View from the 35th floor bar of the ANA Intercontinental hotel in Roppongi, Tokyo. Keep reading