Funny quiz: Test your knowledge about our creepy crawlers!

Costa Rica was the first country to realize the value of its biodiversity for the planet, and its economy has been converted into a green economy, promoting eco-tourism. As such, the butterfly garden of Monteverde aims at educating the public about the fascinating world of insects before admiring butterflies in four different gardens representing different climates.

Try to take this short quiz and discover some fascinating fact about creepy crawlers! Keep reading

Photo of the day: the smiling parrotfish in Glover’s reef, Belize

In a constant movement, I slowly kick my fins up and down. I breath regularly through my snorkel and with my hands on my back and face down, pretend that I am flying. I observe a wide variety of coral reef, passing by underneath me as I slowly proceed through the warm and clear tropical waters of the Carribean sea in the Marine protected area of Glover’s reef.

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Photo of the day: a pelican at sunset, Caye Caulker, Belize

Go slow“, is the common way to go on Caye Caulker, the Belizean island in the Caribbean Sea. And this is also valid for the pelican residents! Keep reading

Photo of the day: Belize City

Belize city, the former capital of Central America’s youngest nation (1981), has been destroyed by too many hurricanes. The mountains now host the new capital, Belmopan. Today,  Keep reading

Photo of the day: Hovering hummingbird

Hummingbird are among the smallest birds, only about 7 cm tall, this hummingbird is hovering to feed itself on a flower in the jungle of Belize. They are so incredibly fast (as fast as 50km/h!) and so small that they are  Keep reading

Jumping the underground waterfalls of Belize

“Step out slowly, step out slowly, step out slowly!”. The voice of Pedro, one of our guides for the day gets louder to reach an almost screaming order. While I was stepping cautiously on an anthill to observe the leaf carriers, I pointed out to him a small snake coiled on the hill, about half a meter from my foot. As I am backing off, apparently too slowly, Keep reading

The Robinson-island challenge: making the most of coconuts!

The teeth-less Maya man stares at me and laughs. I must look a bit clumsy trying to open the top of the green coconut I have just found, with a huge blunt machete. I did it before so it should work. I keep smashing the metal into the sturdy green coconut shell. The man shakes his head and takes the machete.  Keep reading

Local humour at Caye Caulker, Belize

Belize is a funny country in Central America when it comes to languages. With English as its official, many others are spoken, such as Creole (some sort of English dialect which is really hard to understand!), Garifuna, Spanish, Maya, German…

Here are a few funny play of words from Caye Caulker. Enjoy! Keep reading

Live a Robinson expedition: Glover’s reef, Belize

“There we go, this was it…” I don’t want to die yet and I start praying to avoid a panic attack but I can’t longer fight my tears. “I am scared!!”, I scream to Keep reading

Photo of the day: Glover’s Reef Atoll, Belize

Glover’s reef is composed of tiny islands with almost only palm trees and coconuts, and is an excellent snorkeling and diving spot! Keep reading