The national dish of El Salvador: delicious pupusas!

Pupusas are the specialty of El Salvador! We eat pupusas all day. There is even the National Pupusa Day every November where the biggest pupusa was cooked reaching a diameter of 4.5 meters! And if you ever fly from San Salvador, you will see that Salvadorans buy pupusas before the flight to bring them abroad!” With this enthusiastic answer of our Salvadoran friend to our local specialty question, we had to try as many pupusas as possible while traveling through El Salvador! Keep reading

Nightlife in Santa Tecla, El Salvador

It is night time and we are having sangria outside, in the street, with our latest iPhones on the table and the blasting music of all surrounding bars, while pedestrians seem to own the pavement, bar hopping, laughing, talking, singing at the popular karaokes, or buying pupusas (article to come!) at the many food stalls. We are experiencing El Salvador by night, one of the most unsafe countries of Central America. Keep reading