Photo of the day: leafcutter ants

Leafcutter ants are endemic to South and Central America, and are ever-present in nature there. There is not only one type of leafcutter ants, but Keep travelling

Photo of the day: colourful hummingbird taking a break

You can hear them hovering past your ear, maneuvering acrobatically  into all directions and when you spot them they are already on the next flower: the hummingbird is one of a kind. Keep travelling

Photo of the day: Uvita’s hidden beaches

A surfers’ paradise is what we called our previous photo of the day taken from the very same spot during sunset.  Keep travelling

Photo of the day: cross Costa Rica’s 2nd longest suspension bridge to reach the heart of the rainforest

Just a stone throw away from Costa Rica’s main tourist attractions, Reserva Biologica la Tirimbina offers a nice canopy tour and hiking trail in the rainforest near La Virgen. Its rich ecosystem offers Keep travelling

Photo of the day: Young green basilisk lizard, Costa Rica

This young green basilisk lizard is catching its breath on a stone in the middle of the warm waters of the Tabacon hot springs before crossing the river. This might seem highly unlikely given the current of the water but the basilisk lizard, or more commonly known as the Jesus Christ lizard, did not get this nick name without a good reason. Keep travelling

Photo of the day: Hot springs of Tabacon, Costa Rica off the beaten path

The Arenal volcano national park, by the small city of La Fortuna, is very popular among tourists. Even if today, the Arenal volcano is considered as dormant, its activity suffices to warm up many hot springs in the area. Keep travelling

Photo of the day: The white-fronted parrot

The white-fronted parrot, known scientifically as the Amazona albifrons is a noisy bird which can imitate Keep travelling

Photo of the day: Quepos Beach, a secret gem in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is quite touristy, and beaches are often developed with shops, hotels, bars, restaurants and whatever one needs for some entertainment. Keep travelling

The most photographed waterfall of Costa Rica

If you have been planning your trip through Central America with the best-selling Lonely Planet guide, this waterfall may look very familiar. Indeed, Keep reading

Photo of the day: The secret canyon of the Rio Colorado, Costa Rica

Traveling and visiting sights in Costa Rica comes at a price. Sure, the landscapes and biodiversity are impressive but more often than not, you will find someone collecting an entrance fee, parking fee or whatever kind of fee for you to check out a waterfall, swimming hole or hike. Keep travelling