A 5-day jungle expedition to discover the ancient Maya capital of El Mirador, Guatemala

After a rough four-and-a-half-hour-bumpy bus ride, we eventually arrive in Carmelita. We are at the end of the road! And this is just the beginning of Keep reading

Exploring the cradle of the Maya civilization, El Mirador, Guatemala

From the 77 meters of the massive pyramid of La Danta, the huge city sprawls at my feet. From the wide plaza on which La Danta stands,  Keep reading

How to preserve the rainforest of Central America: by chewing gum, the organic ones!

It has been four hours and a half, and my butt has been hurting for more than two hours, as I jump off my rather uncomfortable seat regularly, breathing the diesel fumes! Starting at 5AM, the bus headed out in the night Keep reading