The MoMA: a brief visual tour, NYC

New York City does not lack excellent museums, and it is sometimes hard to choose which ones to explore. The Museum of Modern Art is one of our favourite. Started in 1929, its constant success has been calling for more exhibition space. Since 2006, the new MoMA designed by the Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi, presents an inviting space to explore a panorama of Keep reading

Visit 193 countries in 1 day & get your passport stamped to prove it!

193 colourful flags are aligned in front of an isolated 166-metre high glass-covered skyscraper on 1st Avenue, Manhattan. We are about to enter each one of these countries which flag is waving in front of the building of the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York City, where world changing decisions are made. Keep reading

The Manhattan skyline from a kayak!

The honking horn of a ferry boat announces its departure. Three more honks by other boats overpower the white noise of the city. Soon, four ferries start getting out of their terminals in rear gear in a well-orchestrated routine. A sightseeing boat loaded with tourists rushes by while a helicopter is flying over it. I manoeuvre my small kayak to avoid being flipped over by the waves. It is rush hour on the Hudson River in New York City which we are kayaking to take in the Manhattan skyline. Keep reading

Downtown Manhattan at dusk

The sun sets behind the Downtown Manhattan skyline. Tourists  take selfies from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, capturing the skyscrapers in the background. The air is warm as people cheer a glass of wine, overlooking the East River. Keep reading

Insider’s tips: Broadway seats for the best price

Watching a show on Broadway when visiting New York City is an absolute must. You might have heard of the red TKTS ticket booth already, as it has become a landmark of Times Square. Every day, hundreds of tourists queue to get discounted tickets for the same night performances. But read along, as a couple of insider’s tips may help you buy your tickets more efficiently: Keep reading

The hawks of New York City

A high-pitched shriek attracks my attention. I look up and see a young red-tailed hawk up in the tree. It clumsily tries to keep its balance on a branch as a bigger hawk lands next to it, with a pigeon in its claws. It is lunch time! In curiousity and disgust, we observe how Keep reading

Strolling New York City’s High Line

Old and rusty train tracks half-hidden by blooming flowers on which butterflies and bees feed, joggers drinking from refrigerated fountains, passers-by photographing modern art, tourists enjoying their coffees seated on design benches, white collars on Keep reading