Interactive Map – Japan

Crazy cities, active volcanoes, relaxing onsens, challenging mountains, delicious gastronomy, heart-warming hospitality, unspoiled wildlife, rich history, uncountable shrines and temples, varied climates, unique culture… Let us help you plan your trip & inspire you with our articles and photographs from our 6140-km trip through Japan from Fukuoka, Kyushu to Sapporo, Hokkaido!

For access to all the articles, browse through the main menu.

Zoom in on the area of interest, and check out the black pins. Each of them corresponds to an article.

To make the most of this free downloadable ineractive map, without roaming, nor getting lost and while adding your own favourite spots on the go, check out this short tutorial and you will be all set in no time!

There is a lot more to discover in Japan! For all the places we haven’t been yet, check out, the leading resource for travel information for visitors planning to travel to Japan.

Claire & Marcella

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