About Claire

CL-2Born and raised in Paris, Claire has the reflex to think in solutions, and analyses situations quickly. As an aerospace engineer, researching a topic is her way to keep learning. Experiences turn into vivid articles accompanied by her amazing pictures. Claire is an excellent skier, scuba-diver, runner, and swimmer. She loves extreme sports, snowboarding, kite-surfing, mountain biking, canyoning, and multiple day treks in the outdoors as much as exploring urban jungles. Talking to locals in a bar, sharing life experiences over a good meal, enjoying a play or an opera make her day complete. Having travelled to 65 countries, lived on 3 continents and 5 countries, no challenge is too big. Claire needs the oceans and the mountains as her playground and will take you with her to inspire you to discover the world.

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About Marcella

Marcella - Best regards from far

Growing up in the bucolic centre of the Netherlands, Marcella is an idealist who cares and fights against all forms of unfairness. Passionate by languages, she speaks five of them (working on the sixth that is coming along pretty well!), and decided to become an English teacher to broaden teenagers’ horizons and make an impact. Particularly creative, Marcella is an artist with words who loves writing: journals, essays, poems, and lyrics with chords. An excellent musician, she creates songs she plays on the guitar or keyboard, or improvises on her saxophone. Sporty, she loves the outdoors and more specifically nature and wildlife that she is eager to protect and capture beautifully in photographs. Curious, non-judgmental, and open-minded, she is really easy-going, making people at ease instantly, and will make you feel lucky to travel along with her through her writings and photos.

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About Best regards from far

Hluhluwe-Umfolozi, South Africa, 5 a.m., February 2009. I am seated in a safari truck next to a short woman with a big Canon camera. She seems to have an eye for capturing nice shots. We start chatting about travelling, cultures, photography, life… Later at night and 500 kilometres further south, we are still exchanging stories. Duty calls. We say goodbye. We stay in touch until…

Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands, April 2015. Best regards from far is born. We have taken the plunge by turning our shared passion of travelling into our full-time professions. We share our adventures to reflect and learn about this ever-surprising world, take those who cannot travel with us, provide pertinent information and useful tips to you, and inspire you to get off the beaten track or rediscover landmarks with a different point of view. Covering topics such as culture, outdoors, gastronomy, environment, history, adventure… sometimes with humour, sometimes more seriously. Capturing the world around us in photographs, shots of life to make you travel, broaden your horizons, and enjoy the ride.

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