About best regards from far

Best regards from far is the collaboration between two eclectic women, driven to explore and understand the world, often off-the-beaten-path and behind the scenes to inspire you. Non-profit, we aim at broadening one’s horizons to bridge gaps between cultures, and make travellers more aware of their impacts to positively affect local economies, to support community-run projects, to conserve, and to protect the environment. We strongly believe in education to make the world a better place.

  • You want to dream and get inspired? Broaden your horizons and learn?
    • Find unique content, in-depth articles and inspiring photographs
  • You want to plan your next trip? Find off-the-beaten-path hidden gems?
    • Find user-friendly interactive maps, travel tips, free downloadable GPS pins & tracks
  • You want to travel consciously and in a sustainable way, supporting local economies?
    • Find highlights of locally-run projects, homestays and volunteer initiatives

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