The best of Yucatan: the ultimate guide!

The Yucatan peninsula in Mexico offers stunning cenotes (fresh water sinkholes), vibrant cities, colonial towns, and rich Maya ruins in the jungle or along the coast, not to forget the delicious Mexican food, probably the best one in Central America.

Check out our articles or go by this interactive map: zoom-in on the area of interest, and check out the black pins. Each of them corresponds to an article that will inspire you!

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Interactive map Yucatan PIN

Don’t know where to start? Get inspired by clicking on these images:

Tulum ruins - PIN Mexico - Merida - PIN Uxmal Mexico PIN

Mexico - Cenote - PIN Mexico - Yucatan - PIN Chichén Itza Mexico PIN

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Claire & Marcella

6 thoughts on “The best of Yucatan: the ultimate guide!

    • Yes Mel & Suan, in Yucatán, you can also visit the temple of Tulum, the only maya temple overlooking the Caribbean Sea. And there are others on the Yucatán peninsula but in Guatemala: Tikal & El Mirador. We wrote about all these and you can find photos on this website to give you a better idea of the sites.

      • Yeah we are thinking of starting from Mexico city and end in the Yucatan. Tulum was in consideration once when we were on the cruise but it was too far and the ship did not offer it. Some day we’d do Honduras, Belieze and Guatemala, but we’ll go for Mexico first!

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