Photo of the day: Cheow Lan Lake, Thailand

Waking up to the magical song of gibbons, before setting out on a morning safari in a longtail boat on the surreal landscapes of the Cheow Lan Lake in the Khao Sok National Park is an unforgetable experience.

In order to build the Ratchaprapha dam, a vast 165 square kilometres of land was flooded in 1982. Families were relocated by the government and are the only ones allowed to operate the remote floating raft houses in which travelers can spend the night.

Today, the jungle covered limestone formations fiercely rising from the emerald green warm waters of the lake create a stunning landscape home to a rich biodiversity. More than 35 years after the construction of the dam, eco-tourism seems to have become a sustainable solution for local communities.

Stay tuned for the complete article with fantastic wildlife photos!

Claire & Marcella

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