Photo of the day: the bathing elephant of Ayutthaya, Thailand

Thailand has an almost 5000 year old tradition and know-how of domesticating the Asian elephant for war and logging purposes. Since the ban on logging in the late 1980’s, about 5000 of these elephants need to be taken care of and need about 200 kg of food each day. Tourism seems to be a sustainable solution: initiatives vary from elephant rides to elephant camps where they are fed and bathed by visitors.

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9 thoughts on “Photo of the day: the bathing elephant of Ayutthaya, Thailand

  1. Indeed. These 5000+ elephants need some way to be supported. Some people seem to deeply against animal shows, but we are not sure what real alternative there are. What from your experience in Thailand do you think?

  2. Interesting and nice comments which I agree with in the main. Yes we do have to support these beautiful animals but I hate the though of riding them. And especially training then to do any tricks. I just hope they are well cared for. My plan is to work in an elephant sanctuary next year to. Ilu tree my time. It’s a tough situation isn’t it.

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