Butterflies of Costa Rica

The Monteverde butterfly garden is a fantastic place to admire butterflies and learn more about them and other insects. 


The four stages of the life of a butterfly can be observed, from the eggs solidly glued by the female underneath a leaf, to the larva (caterpillar), the pupa (chrysalis) and of course the adult butterfly that one can observe flying around and feeding on nectar a from tropical flowers in one of the four habitats present at the butterfly garden.


Claire & Marcella

Travel tips:

  • We strongly recommend you to visit the Monteverde Butterfly Garden where the passionate staff will take you through four butterfly gardens representing different habitats.
  • Visiting the Monteverde Butterfly Garden is a great way to learn more about insects too. You think you know a bit? Take our funny quiz!
  • Check out this interactive map (quick tutorial) for the specific details and more articles and photos (zoom out) about the area!

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