Photo of the day: Stranded in 18 miles of books, New York City

A writer explains how he came to the plot of his novel while fans listen quietly. We walk on and gasp at the travel section which is so massive that we cannot allow ourselves to start checking it out. We continue along rows and rows of books and pick up a few language books. Freshly pressed newcomers look very sterile next to the 2nd hand classics. Beyond literary gifts, coffee mugs with quotes from famous writers and witty magnets, we find ourselves stranded among 2.5 million books at Strand Books, New York City, a must stop for every book-lover!



Claire & Marcella

Travel tips:

  • For more details and to help you plan your trip, refer to our free interactive map.
  • Check the Strand Books Website for the exact location, opening hours, availability of your favourite book.

Please note: the 18 miles refer to the days that 48 bookstores covered 6 blocks in New York City and has become Strand Books’ slogan.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Stranded in 18 miles of books, New York City

  1. Love the Strand, although it gets very busy at times. The weekends and evenings are the worst – I recommend going early in the day, soon after they open, on weekdays if possible. It’s a lot easier to explore then. They have a lot of interesting writers visit. Usually, in order to see the writer speak you have to either buy the writer’s book or purchase a gift card from the bookstore.

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