Photo of the day: Life Underground in Manhattan

If you are going through the L line subway station at 14th street & 8th Avenue, plan on a bit of extra time to play hide and seek with funny cartoon-like metal sculptures!

The permanent public artwork Life Underground, by Tom Otterness alludes to money, sex, class and race and often convey a political message. The artist, whose studio is located in Brooklyn, became so enthusiastic about this series that he produced far more than needed, more than 100 individual pieces.

The small sculptures are hidden on beams, along staircase ramps, on the floor… Will you be able to find them?

If Tom Otterness’ work decorates squares, parks, museums and libraries in New York City mostly, another major project called Fairytales at Sea can be seen in Scheveningen, The Hague in the Netherlands.

Claire & Marcella

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4 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Life Underground in Manhattan

  1. I always love going to this station to see the Tom Otterness sculptures! Because there are pieces tucked in so many unusual places, I occasionally find a new one I’ve never seen before! My personal favorites are the sewer alligators and the construction workers on the steel beams that are visible as you head to the L train platform.

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