The hawks of New York City

A high-pitched shriek attracks my attention. I look up and see a young red-tailed hawk up in the tree. It clumsily tries to keep its balance on a branch as a bigger hawk lands next to it, with a pigeon in its claws. It is lunch time! In curiousity and disgust, we observe how the young hawk which must have left the nest a few weeks ago is tearing apart its meal while the parent hawk starts chasing another prey for it. Getting impatient, the young bird starts crying again, as if it can fly, it is not skilled enough yet to catch its own food. After a while, one of the adult hawks flies back to Tompskins Square Park in New York City with a mouse in its beak. The many peaceful community gardens of the East Village must provide ideal chasing grounds for these majestic birds of prey!



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