Portraying the white-faced capuchin monkey [Panama]

Seated with a drink and taking in the scenery on the Barú volcano from the terrace at the Lost and Found Hostel, set in the mountains of Panama, I contemplate the beauty of nature, when I get distracted by something approaching through the treetops…

A white-faced capuchin monkey is slowly but surely moving towards me. The creature is getting closer and does not show any fear. While the acrobatic guy balances on the wooden railing of the terrace, we exchange glances. I quickly take a portrait of him. Done with the posing, he is about to jump onto my laps, and when I see his big teeth, I realise that I might have to give him a little bit more room. Curious as he is, he stays for a while, showing me a wide array of facial expressions that is quite puzzling! As miraculously as he appeared, he retreats into the forest, soon being swallowed by the thick leafs of the lush vegetation.

Some white-faced capuchin monkey facts:

  • The white-faced capuchin monkey is also known as the white-headed capuchin monkey.
  • White-faced capuchin monkeys live in most Central American countries and in the north-west of South America.
  • They live in groups of about 20 monkeys, mostly females and a few males.
  • White-faced capuchin monkeys weigh about 4 kilos and can get as old as 50 years!
  • White-faced capuchin monkeys are very social, and sadly enough often captivated to be sold as pets.
  • Highly intelligent, they use tools to feed themselves (like stones to open a fruit).
  • As these monkeys adapt to different environments and are able to digest many different types of food, they are non-threatened.

Claire & Marcella

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