Photo of the day: Hot springs on the Ruta de las Flores, El Salvador

Set in the beautiful nature surrounding the Ruta de las Flores near the village of Ahuachapan, several hot springs can be enjoyed like the Agua Termales de Alicante. There, a small hike leads to the waterfall and the source of the almost boiling beneficial spring. After enjoying a view over the active Santa Ana volcano, we explored the 12 pools filled with the natural warm and slightly sulphuric waters and immersed in the jungle.


Travel tips:

  • Next to the Termales de Alicante, you can find the Termales de Santa Teresa. The latter slightly more luxurious is set in a more artificial waterpark, while the first is set in a more natural setting.
  • Ask the bus driver to drop you of at the crossing of the “termales” of any bus running along the Ruta de las Flores. A 15 minute walk up the road will lead you to both entrances which are next to each other.

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