Photo of the day: Tropical savannah of Miraflor, Nicaragua

This cactus grows in the dry zone of the Miraflor Reserve in Nicaragua, or tropical savannah. Protected area, the reserve balances preservation of nature with sustainable farming by local families and cooperatives. The three different climates lead to similar crops being cultivated, but the harvests differ, providing longer-lasting jobs for peasants. For the past 10 years, ecotourism has developed and is now a significant part of their revenues.

Miraflor - 1

Close up of a cactus in the dry zone of the Miraflor Reserve, Nicaragua

Claire & Marcella

Travel tips:

  • For more photos, take a visual tour!
  • Check out this interactive map for the specific details to help you plan your trip and more articles and photos (zoom out) about the area!

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